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Hair loss can be devastating for a women's self image and emotional well-being. Women have had to suffer in silence, many times not knowing where to turn for help and support and often times, having the right resources can make all difference. Through her years and established relationships in the field, Sophie Hafner has had the privilege to work closely with the best organizations and companies who have dedicated themselves to this affliction, to further provide the best support to women.

Founded in 2007, The Women's Hair Loss Project provides help, hope, and understanding to women dealing with hair loss. The support network is a safe place for women to open up and deal with the emotional issues that hair loss brings with it. Women share their stories, their lives, hopes and dreams, and along the way some find true friendship, and gain the awareness that they are not alone in this. Sophie Hafner met Y, the founder of WHLP, through her work with Follea. In 2016 they began a unique and special friendship that has led to multiple collaborations in an effort to help provide support, education and hope to women who continue to deal with this affliction. Their collaborated vision, both individually and together, has helped countless people.  Sophie’s talent in this industry can be seen in real form on any of the number of photos posted by Y on the Women’s Hair Loss Project, and she continues to be her trusted sole hair replacement hair stylist.

Follea by Daniel Alain crafts European human hair wigs and hair enhancements made only from the top 10% of hair available in the world. Their premium wigs are designed exclusively for discerning individuals who aren’t interested in compromising when it comes to their appearance.  As the former Master Stylist and Salon Manager of the Follea flagship salon in Beverly Hills, Sophie Hafner has complete knowledge of all products and designs. Visit Sophie in her new location for a private appointment to see a wide assortment of Follea wigs and hair enhancements. After selecting your hair creation, it will be fitted and customized with its own unique cut, color, and style.

Founded by consumer advocate and best selling author Spencer Kobren, The American Hair Loss Association is the only national, privately held consumer organization, dedicated to educating the public, healthcare professionals, mainstream media and legislators about the emotionally devastating disease of hair loss (alopecia). While the American Hair Loss Association is aware of many ethical practitioners and treatment providers in this field, they also recognize the vulnerability of the hair loss sufferer. For this reason, the AHLA has been created in part to act as an advocate for, and to protect all those with this disease from questionable hair loss practitioners and treatment marketers. Sophie Hafner is the first hair stylist in the hair replacement industry to be recognized and have the distinction to carry and display the American Hair Loss Association seal.

Daniel Alain Life Science is a biotech company whose research efforts are focused on developing treatments for hair loss, hair thinning, and hair shedding in women. Daniel Alain Life Science acquired the intellectual property rights for a number of breakthrough drugs, devices, and natural treatments for hair loss from Applied Biology, and is working closely with them to produce innovative, breakthrough therapies for both hair and scalp conditions. Sophie Hafner communicates regularly with the CEO of this organization that is on the cutting edge of hair loss research.

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