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There is a deep passion within Sophie about hair in all its various forms; style, cut and color. This holds true for hair occurring naturally on the head, as an attachment, or both.  Her calling has always been in helping women with hair loss discover the hair that works best for their specific needs and individual stages of hair loss. She accomplishes this by customizing the very highest quality pieces to be unique, personal, and most importantly natural to every woman that she is privileged to work with.

" The true beauty of a woman is reflected in her soul."

- Audrey Hepburn

Sophie Hafner has over a decade of experience in fitting, coloring, and styling wigs and hair enhancements for women experiencing alopecia and hair loss due to chemotherapy.  She consistently exceeds expectations by creating a natural and authentic custom-tailored color and look with incredible attention to detail.  Along with an elite level of service, she believes in creating a safe and comfortable environment to maximize your experience and guarantee future satisfaction. Put simply, she strives to make you look and feel your best.

Sophie specializes in helping women with hair loss navigate what can often be a very difficult time, and it brings her joy to be able to make the situation a little easier.  This applies throughout the whole process, from aiding through the transition, into wearing hair when the time is right for them.  She loves helping women regain their confidence and identity by providing beautiful hair, and delights in seeing it on the faces of her clients.

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